If you are – 

> a volunteer skilled in computing, and/or
> an artist in need of new-media practice, and/or
> a GNU/linux sys/net enthusiast, and/or
> an activist NGO administrator, and/or
> keen on collective production
– and willing to support our work, please contact us so we can arrange an interview.

Our VCZ profile as a volunteering organization can be found here.
Physical availability isn't a prerequisite to collab, as our work is predominantly networked.
Thank you!

# DONATIONS/financial:

Please double-check this data after entering!
All our necessary info can also be found here.

# DONATIONS/persons:

We can always welcome:

> computers & PC components (especially operational/contemporary ones :))
> network equipment (kabels, switches, routers, servers, ...)
> tiny computers and microcontrollers (e.g. Rpis, Arduinos, ...)
> sensors, buttons, switches (any type of interactive components)
> video equipment (mixers, media players, weird footage, ...)
> plants (any kid/pet non-toxic sort :))
> optical equipment (displays, glass lenses, overhead projectors, projectors, ...)
> financial donations

What we might not be able to utilize, we will forward to our communities.
Thank you!

# DONATIONS/businesses:

We can accept both financial and non-financial donations from registered companies.
Please refer to our contact data. >> https://formatc.hr/contact/
Thank you!

# DONORS/institutions: