Digital November 2020

We are proud and grateful to have our visual represent the wonderful « Digitalni rendez-vous » again! >>

* new 2020 website *

Our new website is under heavy <re>construction; thank you for being patient in clicking around.  \(^-^)/ If you find a […]


hackn3t is a residency program for presenting everyday #new_media, #digital_art, #community_projects and #hacktivist_practices. The residency is open to applications year-round, […]


The Observatory of Artistic Work is a long-term project whose goal is to improve the conditions for documenting and exploring […]

VR incubator

The Virtual Reality Incubator is a multidisciplinary, collaborative arts production project, and an open lab focused on the potentials and […]


“Sustainable Critical Art Network” – (formerly known as “Glitch Art Network”) is a practical endeavor to form a continuous cultural […]


“free-libre_art_-_glitch” is an artist residential collaboration production program, aimed to support artists by knowledge, context and sharing various methods of […]


An open support program aimed at independent art collectives and both – informal initiatives and formalized ngo culture-oriented organizations. The […]