#pivilion_dot_net [2023-24] gallery

#pivilion_dot_net is a networked exhibition of contemporary digital art organized by Format C. It’s co-curated by grey) (area in 2023-24, taking part in the Wrong Biennale and shared at the MaMa venue in Zagreb/HR.

The gallery is hosted on the pivilion.net infrastructure – a continuous artist hypermedia community project aiming to support digital art autonomy and non-commercial non-censored distribution via the internet infrastructure.

WEB GALLERY (available via Tor browser only):



Željko Badurina * Boris Cvjetanović * Mihael Giba * Iqra Iqbal * Nour Sokhon * Ivana Sovilj * Mirna Udovčić * and others TBA




Format C Artist Organization (Dina Gligo)
Hacklab01 project (Vedran Gligo)
grey) (area (Darko Fritz)
Mi2 (MaMa Zagreb)
the Wrong Biennale
& more TBA

Pivilion is part of the #inqinc project by Format C, financially supported by the Kultura nova Foundation, the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

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