HYPOTHETICAL STRUCTURES : virtual landscapes /// Submit your art to participate in an artistic research

[deadline : ~ december 2016.]

We are in need of: pure art generated out of pure data – abstract landscapes; new worlds generated as visualizations based on an existing world, catalysed by artistic intent and an intimate non-populistic PoV.

To participate, you may submit:
narrative or abstract digital imagery of any arbitrary data set * (e.g. data articulated in a form of an .OBJ, txt, BMP, SVG, …any human interpretable depiction) visualised as virtual 3D imagery – artistic visualisations that move beyond being a visualisation tool to achieving a meaningful / discursive aesthetic representation of some artistic statement

* any personally curated data set derived from an intimate query;

  • using own sources as raw data (such as private chat|public feed sauce, bank account feed, former media work residue, archives, …)
  • appropriated data [scraped web objects, found web artifacts, reinterpreted digital source, institutional sources and known systems (e.g. statistics bureau data, utilitarian algorithms|sequences|strings, )]

If we choose your art to be included, it will be fully credited, and used for research purposes only. (Artist book, exhibition,..)

In order to consider your participation, we need the following:

name &/or your artist name
e-mail & website (or blog, etc.)
bio & artist statement (short)
name of your work/research & short technical description
visualisation of your work (printable) &
description of source

@ hello@formatc.hr

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