Pivilion: ~ co-op ~

[Pivilion launch + call for co-operation]

We are proud to announce “Pivilion: ~ co-op ~” is joining the selection of “25th Slavonian Biennale, Borders of visibility” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek (open from Dec 8th 2016, 19:00 [CET] until the end of February 2017).
The “~ co-op ~” exhibition is the first official Pivilion expo following the release of our (most work by v3d) darknet gallery system project, to be launched on Dec 8th via Pivilion Gitlab.

To co-operate as a co-author, follow the simple instructions here;
upload your digital visual art; get it displayed on a screen as part of
the Biennial; share the #pivilion #coop info; translate this open call.


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