free_art_-_source open call [2016]

///// OPEN CALL -> deadline 21st of April 2016

The second iteration of free_art_-_* discursive contemporary art concept is looking forward to authors’ [artistscodersclever copycats] worldwide submissions for a RL exhibition to be held @ Inquiry Inc. [in Osijek, CRO], an independent artist space run by the artist organisation Format C.

Our theme is our source, as kind of instruction-based art seen in the rhizomatic context of computer-based new media, transmedia and hypermedia art and culture.
We are looking for the source code of your art, scripts that make up the features of your art or the textual representation of the data your art is built out of.

That could include: html, scripts, any media file printable content format (ASCII, ANSI, HEX,..), any programming language snippets,.. Non exclusive / no formal limitations other than being character printable, it should have an aesthetic property (visual or ideological) and it should be shown in full.
It can be completely original; compiled from other sources; utterly unoriginal but aesthetically interesting; completely disqusting but make up a curious work; brilliant haiku-type code that does wonders for your project; something highly fringe or discoursive; something free; something stolen; etc. …

The objective of the expo is to show diverse technological linguistics, philosophical approaches and artistic intentions for the construction of new media art.

the deadline for the open call is 21st of April, and the exhibition date is 24th to 25th of April ]

Please submit printable text documents as work only!
Along with the text file, we require a documentative screencap of the work the code composes.

          • source code of artwork/project in a .txt, .doc or .rtf file (A3 / B&W / MAX. 5 pages / any font size)
          • screencap of visual representation (result) of work (min 1000px on the shorter side)
          • short description (technical)
          • link to work, web or profile with a short bio

apply here :

The code/work will be hardcopied and used for RL exhibition purposes only! (And the one provided image along with credits and links will be utilized to promote your work.)
We wil be printing as your submissions flow in, and until we run out of money or space at #InqInc. artist space.


A series of events on the subject of diverse ideologies and individual practices of authors generating free, approachable art. The project is oriented mainly towards Croatian visual/digital artists, but also to worldwide-based authors with a copyleft-based collaborative digital art practice.


Artist organization “Format C” formed with a mission to affirm and assure the presence of all types of contemporary Art, first and foremost on our local scene, as well as to help strengthen professional and social bonds on the regional, and ultimately- the global scene. During 2015. we exhibited or helped organize art events and projects such as Drava Art Biennale 2015. ; Glitch /Databend ; /‘fu:bar/ ; Cultural Elevator & Ratess @ Arte Utíl at Gallery Nova, and currently we are in preparations for the last [expo] part of the G /Databend educational collaborative project, as well as our Osijek-based embassy for The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, and a number of our artistic reserches. Our focus of interest is on contemporary artistic research and creative production, and we also deal with all things fringe and visionary. We aim to create, to inspire, idealize, communicate, present and consume art.

For additional info contact us at:


[ Program projekta ‘Inquiry Inc. [2016]’ provodi se uz financijsku podršku Zaklade “Kultura nova” / ‘Inquiry Inc. [2016]’ project programme is supported by “Kultura nova” Foundation ]

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