GAID x Fubar 2022 workshop: Automate Your Glitching

This workshop demonstrates techniques for batch glitching images and image sequences derived from videos. It uses bash scripting and freely available open source tools to achieve interesting glitch effects on a large amount of images, converting from time based media to images (frames) and vice versa in the process. Automation is achieved by using bash shell scripting, which simplifies managing repetitive tasks.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of video and image systems and hands-on experience in using open source command line tools for image processing.

Workshop participants are expected to bring their laptops with preinstalled software and short video clips to work on.

The session is part of the GAID 2022 event. <3


Bash (used for scripting / automation)

  • Git Bash for Windows (includes the bash shell and software such as sed – a stream editor)
  • MacOS ships with everything installed
  • Linux should use bash shell and install sed (included in most distros)

FFmpeg (used for preparing input material, stabilizing output, video / image edits)

Workshop leads:

Dina Karadžić (1986) mastered Sculpture (MFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb 2012. and has been a member of professional artists associations since 2011. Founded and runs the Format C ( Artist Organization as its Art Director and administrator since 2014. Volunteers with many community non-profits and independent art initiatives. Works as an artist, an educator and a digital artisan in visual | digital | net art and experimental media. Co-founded and continuously runs the #inqinc program, /’fu:bar/ glitch art festival, the Pivilion project, FLAG residencies, etc.

Vedran Gligo (1984) is a self–taught DIY hacker / artist / cultural organizer. Strongly applying open source principles in everyday life and practice and working to empower the local community by holding free and open digital workshops through the project which he co-founded in 2009. Practicing in the fields of open source, promoting the adoption of GNU / Linux, glitch art, large scale online collaborative art, independent culture production, (h)ac(k)tivism (…). He’s one of the founders and curators of  Fubar – a yearly glitch art festival.

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