Pivilion [OPEN STUDIO] @ Cité Paris

Dina Karadžić & Vedran Gligo: Pivilion server sculpture

June 22 2022
Studio 8115
Cité internationale des Arts
18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris

Pivilion/EXEno1” is a distributed WLAN server sculpture installation built by 3D printed sculptures integrated with SoC hardware in symbiosis with the artists’ Pivilion software. The installation serving hypermedia content can be accessed and interacted with via its “pivilion” local WiFi connection.
More about the project: https://pivilion.net/

This open studio is part of the Croatian Association of Artists and Cité Internationale des Arts collaboration programme in 2022.

Dina Karadžić (1986) mastered Sculpture (MFA) at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, 2012. A member of the HDLU Artists Association since 2011, the HZSU Professional Artists Association since 2018. Founded and runs the Format C (https://formatc.hr) Artist Organization as its Art Director and administrator since 2014. Volunteers with many community non-profits and independent art initiatives. Works as an artist, a multimedia educator and a digital artisan in visual | digital | net art and experimental media. Co-founded and continuously runs the #inqinc program, /’fu:bar/ glitch art festival, the Pivilion project, FLAG & Hackn3t residencies, etc.

Vedran Gligo (1984) is a self–taught DIY hacker / artist / cultural organizer. Strongly applying open source principles in everyday life and practice and working to empower the local community by holding free and open digital workshops in Zagreb’s Autonomous Cultural Center through the hacklab01 (https://hacklab01.org) project which he co-founded in 2009. Practicing in the fields of open source, promoting the adoption of GNU / Linux, glitch art, large scale online collaborative art, independent culture production, (h)ac(k)tivism (…). He’s one of the founders and curators of Fubar – a yearly glitch art festival.

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