hackn3t [2021] Introduction to Creative Coding and Video Synthesis

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to make your own video synthesis programs? Have you been wanting to get some experience writing creative coding for experimental artworks in a guided environment friendly for folks with no previous experience?

If so then this might be just the course for you!

Location: https://hacklab01.org (online)
Applications: we are at full capacity! (deadline May 10th midnight (Zagreb time, GMT+2)

Participation is free.

May 11 – 13 2021 : 17:00 – 21:00 (GMT+2) – Work / Lecture
May 14 – 18:00 (GMT+2) – Live Session / Demo / Playground

This course is open for anyone interested in learning how to use Processing to build video synthesis programs. No previous experience in coding is required. You will need to have a computer, a reasonably decent internet connection, and at least 1 webcam (2 would be dope). A USB MIDI controller with at least a couple of knobs/sliders is not necessary but can be pretty fun if you’ve got one around.

By the end of this course you will have learned some of the basics of generating and processing digital video signals. The 3 maintopics covered will be –

  1. Video synthesis: using various types of oscillators and geometric shapes to generate video
  2. Video feedback: using ping pong buffers and recursive systems for dynamic and generative behavior
  3. Video Processing: how to take live external video signals and use oscillators and feedback to affect them in creative ways

Along the way we will learn about data structures, algorithms, debugging, how to optimize code for real time experimentation, and very lightly cover the topics of object oriented, procedural, and functional programming paradigms.

Andrei Jay is an artist, mathematician, and teacher. They have designed a couple of open source public domain digital video synthesis systems with the goal of making these kinds of tools less expensive and exclusive and more approachable and modifiable!


Hacklab01 je projekt AKC i umjetničke organizacije Format C, podržan sredstvima Ministarstva kulture i medija RH, Zaklade Kultura nova i Grada Zagreba.

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